Ab Circle & Ab Rocket – Ab Machines Reviewed

If you are sick and tired of doing the same old ab routines and getting the same old results, then you may want to look into the wide world of ab machines to mix up your routine. Fitness experts know that it takes much more than sit-ups or hundreds of crunches to build six pack abs and there are several ab machines available on the market that are designed to work all of your ab muscles and make your workouts challenging and effective.

1. Ab Circle Pro
2. Ab Rocket
3. Ab Coaster
4. Ab Roller
5. Ab Wheel
6. Ab Cruncher
7. Ab Lounge

Ab Circle Pro

The Ab Circle Pro is a “Treadmill for your abs” that gives you a circular workout. It has three different fitness levels to add resistance to your workout as you advance. It can also be used to work out buns, thighs, and hips.

Ab Rocket

The Ab Rocket is a piece of equipment that provides support while it aids you in your sit-ups. It supports your head and neck and keeps you in perfect alignment while you do the exercises. It is constructed with three padded rollers in back for support. Ab Rocket comes with three different resistance cylinders from beginner to advanced and also comes with a low calorie meal plan.

Ab Coaster

The Ab Coaster is another of the ab machines that is designed to chisel away your waistline. You use it by placing your knees on the platform and holding onto the handles while you push the platform forward and back on a track. It is easy to adjust your position on the machine to target different abdominal muscles and it has a digital workout counter to help keep track of your workout.

Ab Roller

The Ab Roller is another machine used to support your neck and spine so that you can do abdominal crunches. You use it by holding onto the handles while letting the Ab Roller support your head.

Ab Wheel

The Ab Wheel is another method of doing crunches from a different angle. You place it on the floor and roll it out away from you and then back in.

Ab Cruncher

The Ab Cruncher, as the name implies, does more of the same.

Ab Lounge

The Ab Lounge gives you support during crunches and also provides momentum to give you a boost and a greater range of motion.


Although these machines can be useful tools to build firm abs, they are more effective when used in combinations to give you a variety of workouts. Also, while Ab Rocket and Ab Roller are designed with the same principle in mind, the Ab Rocket offers more support and has been found to produce better results. Ab machines like Ab Circle Pro that have adjustments for different levels of fitness are more beneficial.