The Painless Core Workouts

Some people say ‘no pain, no gain,’ but when it comes to a good core workout, you can go painless. Indeed, since it is your back which is at risk of damage if the exercises are done incorrectly, the less pain the better. If you have been feeling sore, creaky, or stiff, then this routine is great for you because it is both painless and effective.

Glute-Bridge March

The glute-bridge march is a great abdominal exercise to start with because it stretches out your core muscles. Lie on the floor or your mat with your knees up, heels and arms on the floor. Then push your body up using your abdominal muscles by pushing on your heels until your shoulders and back are lined up and raised into the air. Lift one knee to your chest, hold for a count, lower it and then do the same with your other leg. For your pain-free routine, do this exercise six to twelve times, depending on your skill level.

Diagonal Arm Plank

Put yourself in the modified push up position (instead of resting on your knees and hands, you will be resting on your elbows and feet with shoulders straight, feet apart) and then raise one arm. Your arm should be in a diagonal position (‘2 ‘o’ clock’) and then hold it for two counts. Put your arm back in position and raise your other arm into the ’10 ‘o’ clock’ position and hold. Repeat four to twelve times. Make sure at least one elbow is always on the floor and facing forward while you do this core exercise.

Cable Kneeling Chop

This exercise is best done in a gym since you will need some pulley equipment. Start by holding the cable bar while getting down on one knee. Then pull the cable down to your chest and rotate your chest so that you can pull the cable past your chest to the floor on your right or left side. Release the cable and do the same thing going in the other direction. Make sure your torso stays upright throughout each repetition. You need to do six to eight repetitions in each circuit.

Side Bridge

The final exercise in your pain free core workout routine is the side bridge. Start by lying on your side with your feet stacked on top of each other and with one forearm under you. Then contract your abdominal muscles and raise your hips up into the air, holding yourself on your forearm and the side of your foot. Hold this for fifteen to forty five seconds.

4 Core Workouts are all you need

Do these four exercises in a loop, starting with the glute-bridge march and then doing each exercise with its set of repetitions at least once. Make sure that you take a minute to rest between each exercise and between each circuit if you decide to do more than one. This core workout is best suited to those who know how to do basic core exercises, but have difficulties with pain, so if this sounds like you, this is the core workout routine to use.